Burris Tread Tires

 TX Series Grooved Dirt Tire 

Winning requires stipulation of the right tire by dirt track racers due to the changing conditions they must predict during a racing event. Evidently, Burris treaded tires are hallmarked as imperishable and persistent as they remain sturdy considering the abrasion of the track. Burris kart tires are precisely grooved; ideally cut which prevents early demise of tire irrespective of how wet or dry the track is or contains rocks, other debris that will tear up the tire.

The object of kart Burris tires is to maintain the highest level of traction throughout the race without wearing the tread off of the tire with five laps to go. Undoubtedly, dirt racing is all about unpredictability and adjusting but you are rest assured that we shall be the wheels for your success and safety whatsoever of racing consequence.

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