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Wings or Wing parts for  Outlaw Dirt Sprint Karts, Caged Dirt Sprint Karts,Karts - Outlaw Sprint Karts,  Go Karts 

The winged outlaw dirt karts designed by RFC Racing are renowned for its stability and is quirky enough to proliferate the down force generated on superfast powerful race cars. Our outlaw kart wings are judicious to the name “aluminum courage” as it provides significant protection to the driver in case of an accident by lessening the impact on the driver when car go airborne.

Our kart wings are light weight, durable and stronger helping to turn the car safely around the corners and the increased traction makes the car faster and easier to control.  They provide added down force which lessens the likelihood of going airborne and if they do, the RFC Racing kart wings frequently break off or absorb some of the impact of the flip, lessening the knock on the driver.

The wings and the wing parts of RFC Racing such as Wing pivots, Wing T, Mechanical Wing Slider are sturdy and lucid in changing track traffic conditions, making it distinctive than any other outlaw go kart racing  wing parts in the market

You can place order for our genuine winged karts and its parts online and our team will connect with you on your order for more details.

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Mechanical Wing Slider
  This Mechanical Wing Slider system is lightweight and reliable. Mechanical wing s..
NEW factory AERO Open Wing- call for pricing
**NEW**Factory wings feature a curved belly design, as used in sprint car racing. ..
Wing Pivots
Wing T
Box Stock Lightweight Wing--call for pricing
Box Stock Lightweight Wing design responds better and easily adjustable to any outlaw karts. ..
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